Apostle Olivia Stith 

"A woman on a mission for the Kingdom of God"

Our Mission

Upcoming Events

September 17, 2016
Speaker at Seminar on Dreams and Vision, Ways God Speaks
Fredricksburg, VA

September 27, 2016
Radio Interview with GLAM ministry

November 12, 2016
Dream Seminar
Washington, DC

November 19, 2016
Speaker DIVATALK ministry
Richmond, VA

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The vision of TRIMANNA is to build a organization that caters to teaching, ministering and flowing in the apostolic move of God by teaching the full gospel of Jesus Christ, being guided by the Father and directed by the Holy Spirit. We are seeking those who are seeking their purpose in life while going through various life transitions, whether it be ministry, relationship, family, career and such.TrImanna is a ministry where others can come and experience  the love of Christ by having their spiritual needs met to the best of our abilities. We offer spiritual support, teaching and counseling along with a  strong network of intercessors and fellow ministers around the nations .The purpose is to help support each other meet their kingdom purpose as God has called us all to do. We look forward to the fellowship.